We're a small, well-funded team of engineers looking for problem-solvers who get things done with a high sense of urgency & keen eye for detail. We work well with earnest people who pick up new skills quickly.
Sometimes we listen to domain experts who tell us if something is impossible to do, but don't take them too seriously. Each of us writes & commits code daily. If you have a penchant for solving problems with no solution in sight, come join us in our .
UI/UX Engineer
If you had a chance to go back to the 1980s what would you change about the user interface on the modern personal computer, knowing it would inspire thousands of copycats and be the way everyone experiences computing today? What you would do if you could make those seminal decisions for a nascent personal robot industry today?
Fullstack Engineer
Everything we do today is distributed across silos of different sandboxed applications. What does the world look like with a single interface that securely interacts with all the applications in the background on your behalf based on what you tell it to do? How do you think it works behind the curtains, where could it break and how would you make it work across platforms?
Machine Learning Engineer
If you work for one hour to build something that automates a one minute task, the 61st execution of that automation is pure time profit. If you can build it in seconds, then you have pure time (money?) profit from the first execution itself. Writing python scripts takes hours, our no-code tool reduces that to minutes, your ML models will bring this down to seconds. How will you build them?
Apply above, or send us a mail with your resume/portfolio and a short note on what interests you in Maya, to humans@mayahq.com, or refer someone who think might be a fit.
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