The clarion call of the 1980s was "a computer for every human". Forty years and billions of laptops and smartphones later, we're almost there. We think the next clarion call is "a robot for every human" - so we've built Maya, a powerful general-purpose virtual assistant.
We think this is the first step to building & democratizing what we think would be the equivalent of the steam engine for the 21st century - - a machine that can think, learn and program itself to complete a variety of tasks as well as a human can.
Here's our three step plan.
Create a powerful robotic assistant.
Build a virtual assistant that a human can rewire in a few minutes or hours to do any task - from quickly navigating websites and scheduling video calls to automating data entry and controlling robotic arms.
Distribute it to everyone on the planet.
Bring the power of this virtual assistant to every individual and business on this planet, to help them quickly build automation workflows to automate their tasks and improve their output by an order of magnitude.
Make it more general-purpose over time.
Till the point it can recursively self-improve, use the different types of automation workflows created in the process as samples to manually train the virtual assistant to rewire itself in seconds to do more and more kinds of complex tasks for its users.
If this sounds exciting, how you'd like to be a part of our journey.
a virtual assistant that
gets things done faster.
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